The Hotel ML Traveler’s Rewards Program

Greater Cash Rewards in 2015


In a time when we could all use a little extra money in our pocket, The Hotel ML invites you earn cash, not points, with our Travelers Rewards Program.Unlike any mainstream hotel rewards program, we thank you, our loyal guest, with money you can hold, not points you can’t see.

Gold Traveler- 3-30 Rooms- $30 Visa Gift Card  For Every 3 Nights Stayed at The Hotel ML.

Platinum Traveler- 31+ Rooms- $45 Visa Gift Card For Every 3 Nights Stayed at The Hotel ML.


If you are a points collector, see what being just a Gold Traveler can get you:

15 nights at The Hotel ML at a qualifying rate = $225

  • Marriott- 19 nights at a $129= 1 free night stay
  • Starwood- 27 nights at a $129= 1 free night stay
  • Hilton- 31 nights at a $129= 1 free night stay

Email inquires to or fill out the contact form below and someone will reach out to you shortly. Please see below for program specifics.

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Program Specifics- Program open to individual guests only. Complimentary rooms and water park packages not applicable. Rewards will be distributed mid-month for accrued guest room nights from the previous month. Program expires on 12/31/16. Third party reservations not included. Rewards are earned on full hotel rate or corporate negotiate rate consumed within a six month period. To achieve Platinum Status, guest most stay a total of 31 room nights in a six month time period. Some restrictions may apply.